Oil mist separator (Chipping)

MultiTron Junior Premium

Separation of cooling lubricants especially oil mist, smoke and oxides.

The newly developed system has a modular structure where individual modules can be easily customized to particular requirements. In addition to separation of toxic emissions from metalworking processes, together with cooling lubricants, especially oil, also emissions like texturing mists, ultra-fine dust, smoke, and oxides will reliably eliminates. The polluted air is so thoroughly cleaned with a minimum of energy consumption that the filter system can operate in recirculating air mode. Owing to its very small dimensions, this compact electrostatic precipitator system requires only small space and can be easily installed.

Continuously improved encapsulation means that advanced CNC machine tools often have reduced air extraction volumes. At the same time, however, this development has meant that increasingly greater filtration efficiency is required for such systems. In order to satisfy these new requirements, the smaller and especially cost-effective version MultiTron Junior Premium has been developed for air flows up to 1,200 m3/h. The functionalities and innovative features of this model are the same as with the large version.


MultiTron Junior Premium – Your customer benefit at a glance:

  • Single oil tight welded unit made of steel, containing three completly separated filter stages

  • Fully integrated pre filter stage with tow slide-ins for filter elements

  • Highly efficient fan - low energy consumption

  • Return air operation for ensuring the MAX and TRK values

  • Patented filter control unit Multironic fitted with self-cleaning insolators

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