Brake dust particle filtration

Brake dust particle filter

Effective filtration of brake dust

Although particulate matter pollution has been significantly reduced by the current emission regulations for cars and light commercial vehicles (Euro 6) as well as trucks and buses (Euro VI), it is still far too high (measured against the recommendations of the World Health Organization (WHO)).

Brakes are responsible for around 20 percent of a vehicle's particulate emissions. Together with tire and road abrasion, two thirds of particulate matter is emitted by the brakes. On the initiative of the European Union, a new Euro 7 vehicle standard is therefore being proposed, which for the first time contains additional limit values for particulate emissions from brakes and tires.

The new regulations are to be fuel- and technology-neutral and will be relevant for all vehicles, regardless of whether the vehicle uses petrol, diesel, electric drive or alternative fuels. The vehicle standard is expected to be adopted in the course of next year.

Filter systems on the brakes can reduce particulate emissions: Hengst has developed an economical system that delivers very good separation performance for particulate matter in the PM10 and PM2.5 fractions.

The passive system is characterized by its scalability and is therefore easy to integrate into existing installation spaces.  The brake dust particle filter from Hengst contains two filter inserts with a metal fiber fleece and is mounted directly on the brake caliper to capture the particulate emissions.


Brake dust particle filter – Your customer benefit at a glance:

  • Economical & energy-efficient passive filter system with good performance values

  • Minimizes brake dust emissions directly at the brake disc

  • Faster and more environmentally friendly service possible

  • Easy retrofitting in existing installation spaces possible


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Christian Soester

Product Manager Brake Ware Filtration


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