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Filtration solutions for the fuel cell

World Hydrogen Summit & Exhibition in Rotterdam: Hengst Filtration presents its innovations.

To protect our planet, CO₂-neutral drives are essential. That's why we at Hengst are working on filtration solutions for hydrogen-powered vehicles and generators. The result of our innovative strength and many years of international experience: high-performance ion exchangers, cathode air filters and water separators for fuel cells.

Mathias Diekjakobs

Mathias Diekjakobs

Product Manager Filtration Fuel Cell

At the World Hydrogen Summit & Exhibition in Rotterdam (13 to 15 May 2024), Mathias Diekjakobs and other Hengst experts presented the modular solutions and highlighted the possibilities for customer-specific solutions. This is because fuel cell systems are a key technology for sustainable energy generation - and therefore also for climate-friendly mobility without harmful emissions. When hydrogen is used as a fuel, the silent electrochemical process produces only water and exhaust air as emissions in addition to atmospheric oxygen. However, this process also poses challenges.

To enable safe and efficiency-optimized operation of fuel cell stacks, Hengst offers high-performance filtration solutions for the coolant circuit, cathode air flow and water management.

Blue.iox ion exchanger ensures rapid reduction of the ion concentration in the cooling circuit

During the operation of a fuel cell, ions are introduced into the coolant. These come from ageing products of the coolant itself or from components of the cooling circuit. Effective filtration is therefore necessary for the safe operation of the fuel cell. The innovative Blue.iox ion exchanger from Hengst achieves a particularly high level of protection with minimal maintenance. The unique design of the filter cartridge with axial filter flow and the special mixed bed resin system for cation and anion exchange ensure high filtration efficiency over the entire service interval. This reduces the ion concentration in the cooling circuit very quickly.

Cathode air filter system for safe operation even under harsh operating conditions

To ensure a long service life and high performance of the air path of a fuel cell, the air drawn in must be cleaned very effectively of particles from the outside air. In addition, pollutants such as nitrogen oxides (NOx), ammonia (NH3) and sulphur dioxide (SO2) can lead to undesirable deposits in the fuel cell and damage it. Hengst's cathode air filter systems are basically multi-layered. Each layer is optimized for a specific task, so that the overall system in the interaction of all filter stages offers reliable protection against all harmful particles and gases in the intake air.

Thanks to the modular design, applications for small appliances or cars from 10-120 kW, commercial vehicle or off-highway applications and stationary systems from 100-500 kW, but also megawatt systems and applications in the marine sector from > 400 kW can be covered.

Anode management module for effective water management 

Correct water management is crucial in order to prevent the accumulation of water and thus ensure the long-term efficient operation of the fuel cell. The solution from Hengst: a new type of separator module for anode gas recirculation. It combines the functions of drip water separation and gas drainage with an intelligent configuration of the purge and drain valve. Integrative approaches in particular are the filtration expert's strength in this area.

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