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Gas Turbine and Turbomachinery Filters

Filtration solutions for gas turbine efficiency

Gas Turbine and Turbomachinery Filters are essential in protecting equipment and ensuring consistently high output. Dust, dirt, pollen, and other contaminants in the ambient air can cause erosion, fouling, and corrosion, with severe consequences for the efficiency of the gas turbine and its components.

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The performance and overall efficiency of a turbomachine can be greatly improved by optimizing the configuration of air filters, using different filter types, high-efficiency media, and multiple stages of filtration.

In cases of high dust concentration and humidity, we offer a full range of standard and customized products for up to three stages of filtration to enhance the reliability of the air intake system


Maximum protection with premium filters

We offer products that will provide excellent filtration for every type of environment, individual application configuration, and available installation space.

From reducing maintenance costs to ensuring environmental compliance, our products make a major contribution to gas turbine reliability and operational excellence.


Optimizing performance

Filter and air intake system configuration have a direct impact on airflow and gas turbine combustion. Investing in effective air filtration results in improved efficiency, reduced fuel consumption, and ultimately increased power output.


Reducing maintenance costs

Properly maintained air filters not only improve turbine performance but also extend the life of critical components. By preventing the entry of particulate matter, our products are proven to reduce wear and tear, thus minimizing the frequency of maintenance and repairs


Environmental compliance and reduced energy consumption

An effective filtration system ensures that the air entering the gas turbine is clean and free from contaminants such as dust and soot. This cleanliness is essential for the optimum operation of the turbine. Clean air allows for better combustion efficiency and prevents the build-up of deposits on the turbine blades. As a result, the turbine can at its designed efficiency, which translates into better energy utilization


We understand how crucial it is to make gas turbines work better. That's why we focus on finding smart solutions to improve efficiency by working on the air intake systems.

Our products are tested to the latest requirements. We provide the complete range of static and cleanable filters covering the new ISO 16890 standard classification from PM1 to Coarse - corresponding to filter classes G4 - F9 according to EN779:2012 and E10-E12 according to EN1822-1:2019.

Gas turbine air intake filters

Optimize gas turbine performance with our advanced air intake filters. Explore our filter cartridges and filtration solutions for peak efficiency.

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