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Breakthrough filter technology for maximum hydraulic performance

Filters ensure high system availability in machines and systems with liquid operating media. As part of a holistic filtration concept, Hengst has completely revised the filter material. The development focus was on increasing the dirt-holding capacity compared to the previous design. This extends the replacement intervals and reduces labor, material and disposal costs.

Six layers, maximum protection

The filter element consists of a 6-layer material combination, the core of which is made up of asymmetrically arranged filter layers of inorganic glass fiber papers. The optimum coordination of the individual filter layers achieves a high retention rate and dirt holding capacity, with a simultaneous low pressure drop. This increase in performance is achieved in the core by now three effective microglass layers in combination with electrically conductive nonwoven and support fabric. In the pleated state, the filter material is laid as a filter mat in the shape of a cylinder around the support tube and is joined at the end faces are bonded to the two end plates in a liquid-tight manner, as is the longitudinal seam of the filter mat itself.

1. Supporting mesh

Support mesh serves to fix the filter material on the upstream side





2. Microglass pre-filter 

Microglass pre-filter layer to relieve the downstream
intermediate and main filter with regard to dirt pickup




3. Microglass intermediate filter

Microglass intermediate filter layer
to relieve the downstream main filter




4. Microglass main filter

Microglass main filter for fine particle filtration
and ensuring the nominal filter fineness




5. Electrically conductive media

Protective fleece – antistatically equipped, reduces the risk of
electrostatic charging and discharging in the filter system




6. Supporting mesh

Support fabric serves to fix the filter material on the downstream side


Filter elements with PURE POWER now take up to 50 % more particles, with a comparable retention rate and low differential pressure. As standard, all filter elements are equipped with an electrically conductive fleece, which ensures a charge exchange between oil and filter material. This reduces the risk of electrostatic charging and discharging in the filter.

Engineered to capture five key contaminants

Innovation drives better filtration: Multiple advanced filter materials have been engineered to individually and in combination capture and remove five different types of hydraulic fluid contaminants for optimum protection:

  1. Basic contaminants
  2. Abraded materials
  3. Particulates from external environments
  4. Varnish
  5. Insoluble reaction products

Hengst Filtration is committed leveraging the latest materials science to continually improve every aspect of hydraulic technology.

Up to 50 % more dirt holding capacity saves time & cuts costs

Revolutionary new microglass materials and advanced six-layer design give the newest generation of PWR filter media two crucial advantages:

  • Up to 50 % more dirt holding capacity – so the more dirt is absorbed by a filter, the longer the replacement interval and the lower the filtration cost
  • Reliable filtration efficiency based on three-layer microglass fiber technology

Together, these advances can help hydraulic systems operators reduce key operating, maintenance and parts costs.

Reduce hydraulic system TCO

One factor affecting hydraulic system total cost of ownership (TCO) is system downtime, and the improved design of the new PWR family of filter elements directly impacts both system downtime and operational costs in multiple ways:

  • Streamlines maintenance by reducing filter element replacement intervals
  • Protects hydraulic systems longer and from more contaminants

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