Der digitale Luftfilterkatalog von Hengst Filtration ist interaktiv und lässt sich auch im Feld nutzen.
Latest news – 05/21/2024

DELBAG Air filters now also in the new, digital Hengst Filtration air filter catalog

Customer-friendly product overview thanks to interactive design

Münster. Hengst Filtration has a new, digital and interactive product catalog for Air filters. This product catalog aims to compile all Air filters of the former DELBAG after the renaming to Hengst Filtration last year in a customer-friendly way. The Catalog can be downloaded from the Hengst website in the products section.

The customer-friendly product catalog: Clear, efficient, interactive.

The new, digital product catalog is characterized by a more customer-friendly product presentation and user-friendliness. The catalog is interactive and makes it easier to find the right product. In addition, each product is described in detail, with the core functions and benefits presented clearly and attractively. The clearly structured tables make it easier to understand the individual product variants and their specifications.

"With our new product catalog for Air filters, we are making it easier for our customers and potential prospects to find the right filters for their applications. Our new product catalog is based on feedback from our customers: We facilitate decision-making through the catalog's interactivity, highlight energy-efficient products and primarily offer a digital version to save the planet, " says Sales Director Tobias Willi, summarizing the benefits of the new Air filter product catalog.

A catalog in line with Hengst Filtration's mission: purfiying our planet

In response to the growing need for ecological solutions on the market, Hengst has published digital product catalog for Air filters. This fits perfectly with the company's mission of "purifying our planet". The digital catalog reduces paper consumption through a digital solution that is practical and environmentally friendly.

Our new product catalog is based on feedback from our customers: We make decision-making easier by making the catalog interactive, highlighting energy-efficient products and primarily offering a digital version to save the planet.

Tobias Willi

Tobias Willi

Head of Sales Filter Elements

Comprehensive Air filter portfolio at a glance

The new catalog clearly summarizes the extensive range of Air filters from Hengst Filtration. With the interactivity of the catalog, general ventilation filters as well as a large selection of different high-efficiency filters or High temperature filters can be found with just a few clicks. The range also includes AMC filters, dust collector filters and Gas turbine and turbomachinery filters. The range is complemented by a selection of frames and housings. This broad portfolio underlines Hengst Filtration's commitment to offering the right filter solution for every requirement.

asset_imagePicture: Overview of the Air filter product portfolio in the new interactive Air filter catalog

Special focus: energy-efficient products

Special attention is also paid to the labeling of filters with maximum energy efficiency. In Hengst's new digital product catalog, energy-efficient filters are highlighted with special markings to make it easier for customers to make their choice. These filters, marked with the "Energy Efficient" label, are in line with Hengst's efforts to promote environmentally friendly solutions and encourage choices for energy-efficient products in various applications. This initiative enables companies to make more conscious choices that both reduce their operating costs and contribute to environmental protection.asset_imageImage: Labels for energy-efficient Air filters help with the selection of suitable Air filters

Unified expertise: Integration of DELBAG Air filters

With the new catalog, Hengst Filtration is also taking the next step in the integration of DELBAG's renowned products, which have been managed under the Hengst Filtration brand since the end of 2023. This integration brings together decades of experience and expertise under one roof and ensures that customers continue to have access to high-quality and innovative filtration solutions.

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